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May 9. 2001

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I told you last week I'd give you the details---the May 9 edition of Idea Cafe includes a profile of my business. I am honored and pleased to be included in the publication. And excited at the prospects. I was also pleased to have the business referred to as "multi-faceted."

I first heard of Idea Cafe back in January, when another craftsperson's business was profiled. She told the crafters' group I'm in, and suggested we all go register. I followed her advice, because I frequently do recognize (and act on) good advice when it comes my way.

And I'm glad I learned of the site, because there are some good features there (not just my profile!) for those of us running small businesses.

The crafters who have been profiled so far have seen many hits to their websites, and increased sales. I'm hoping for similar results.

I'd appreciate it if you'd go read the profile, and by all means tell your friends! While you're there, look over the rest of the site, and register if you're so inclined.

My thanks to the several of you who heard about this earlier in the day and wrote to me.

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