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May 8, 2001

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Tuesday Things

Those of us who have sites at Diaryland have been asked to tell all our friends about the place. And I'm happy to oblige, because I really do like Diaryland. It has offered me the chance to develop some skills and interests, along with the opportunity to hear from some really nice people.

I had written about liking Diaryland (and some related sites) back in November, in this entry, and six months later, I am happy to say I haven't had reason to change my opinion. I very much like the ease of working with this site, and the freedom to change things if I so choose. It's a good place to be, and I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to begin a personal site.

A bit of news here: I am slowly but surely extricating myself from the ISP I've had since I first went online, and making plans to move. The move won't have any effect on this site, since the two things are independent of each other. But it is rather like moving from one dwelling to another. I would not be making this move except I've become increasingly dissatisfied with some aspects of the current ISP. I don't want to turn this into a rant, because the ISP has been a good home for a long time. But it's beginning to get a little crowded, so I'm looking around.

If you'd like to recomment a new ISP for me, or just comment on yours, here's a place to do just that.

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