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May 7, 2001

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What I Did

What I did instead of writing a journal entry with more substance:

---Played with sorting my e-mail.

---Chatted with several people on two different instant message programs---occasionally at the same time.

---Cleaned out Hotmail bulk mail folder.

---Read and answered e-mail having to do with website questions.

---Read posts to message boards.

---Searched through my bookmarks for a link someone wanted; posted same to message board.

---Read journals.

---Pondered what I had read.

---More chatting.

---Read weblogs.

---Again with the pondering.

---Read more journals.

---You know what's coming: more pondering.

---Cleaned out Hotmail bulk mail folder again.

---Decided it was getting too late to write a more substantive journal entry.

---Wrote this list!

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