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May 6, 2001

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Not Possible

I recently had to decline a request from a potential customer for some crochet work. I hated to have to say I couldn't do the project, because it would have been a pleasure to make the stole she wanted. But she was asking for it to be completed in time for her to have it on June 1, and she didn't ask about it till May 2.

It was a case of someone who doesn't crochet thinking the pattern she was asking me to make was simple. But the pattern was actually rather intricate, with several stitches used to produce a mesh effect. Another stitch was being used to make a solid stripe every few inches. Not to worry; this is not going to turn into a description of crochet stitches. My would-have-been customer probably thought the stole was simple because it was rectangular, and because it didn't have any added ruffles or fringe.

I turned her down because I knew I would not have time to get the yarn she wanted used (which would have been a special order) and complete the piece in the amount of time allowed.

If she had asked a month earlier, it would have been possible. And fun.

I hope she finds an acceptable alternative stole, because I don't think she has much chance of getting the one she wants in time.

And I hope the next person with a deadline asks for something way ahead of time. You know: in the realm of the possible.

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