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May 5, 2001

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I Would Marry Him...

I would marry him in a heartbeat, except he's a dog. A Golden Retriever, to be precise. And my friend Wendy is his human mom. He has this wonderful personality, and I wish there were more creatures in the world who shared it, especially human ones.

Robbie has a laid-back nature. Not a whole lot bothers him, including humans stepping across to go somewhere. That's assuming it's a human he's met; he will lift his head to check out strangers. He would have you believe he fits the stereotype of dumb blond. But I knew better than to believe that a few minutes after I met him.

I got to know Robbie when I was working at the law firm, and he took over the role of office dog. It was not an easy role to fill; his predecessor, the late and much-lamented Misty, had quite a loyal following. But Robbie has done a grand job of making the part his own. During my time there, I saw client after client come a bit early for appointments so they could have some Robbie-time. And in at least one situation I recall, Robbie knew a client was sort of sad that day, so he went into the conference room with her and the attorney. He stayed at the client's feet throughout the meeting.

There is one really amazing thing about Robbie, though. He's thriving, even though he has never been fed, in all his nearly thirteen years on earth. At least that's his version of it. Here's a picture of him made on a recent visit to my apartment. See for yourselves if you think that dog is telling the truth about not getting food.


Another thing about the boy is he truly knows how to have fun. This is Robbie getting ready to play pat-a-cake. Notice the happy expression, please. The picture below was taken in Wendy's office a couple of years ago; a friend had heard about the pat-a-cake boy and wanted to see what he looked like. He was happy to oblige, so long as I put the camera down and played the game. And being a good Aunt Becky, I did just that.

Pat-a-Cake Robbie

One of my favorite Robbie stories happened one day when I gave him a ride home from work. Wendy had to attend a meeting that was going to run late, so she asked me to take care of getting the boy home and seeing that all the canines and felines in the household got a potty break and some food. Robbie wasn't used to riding in my car, and let me know with a look I won't soon forget that I was asking him to get in the wrong side of the vehicle. He decided to humor me and get in, but shortly thereafter he turned himself around so he could observe his preferred scenery. Once we got to the house, I had him "stay" while I took his leash off. And I forgot to release him from the command. So when it came time for all the dogs to go out in the yard, Robbie was very patiently waiting in the same spot. When I saw that all the other dogs were heading out and he wasn't moving, I realized what I had done, and had him come to me for a pat en route outside.

He didn't even bother to give me the look on that one. But I swear he was giggling.

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