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May 3, 2001

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Strange Turns of a Thursday

This day has had some strange turns. It started off a bit weird, with e-mail from the same woman who wanted me to submit a site not my own to search engines. This time she did want me to submit my Rebeccaworks site. In fact, she was so enthusiastic about it that she sent the same note to me at two addresses.

Both notes included the same clever graphic----a depiction of a computer monitor with my site's index page in the screen area. I do think that's cute. But cute doesn't mean I will spend money to have them do something I can do for myself.

After cleaning out the mailbox, life went back to normal. I worked on my research project for several hours before heading out to the grocery store.

And there I got a pleasant surprise. I found my very favorite soft drink, Tab, which they haven't had in ages. I took that as a positive sign.

I came home to find e-mail from the research project's client, saying that she wanted to extend the project a bit, if that was all right with me (it is; I love the work and this is my absolute favorite client).

And there was a nice bit of snail mail from my brother in journalling, Doug.

Then it went back over to weirdness in Beckyland. I got a notice that as of August 1 my rent will go up. That's to be expected. What was weird was the way that two different dollar amounts were presented. In the pre-printed note part, we residents are told that if we choose to go with a shorter term lease (less than twelve months), the rent will be higher per month than it will be if we sign up for a year. The fill-in-the-blank part has that exactly backward. I believe the person filling in the blanks on the form got distracted. I do plan to ask which is the correct version.

Back to normal and pleasant with IM chats with several friends over the course of the evening, and starting to write this in the non-chatting moments.

And to end the evening with a last bit of weirdness, I just got two notify messages from two different journallers. One was actually sent on May 1, and the other on May 2.

Hmm. That makes me wonder if the apartment people hired the notify message people to do the lease renewal notices. And the woman from the search engine submission company could well be helping.

You know, that would explain a whole lot!

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