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May 2, 2001

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Space Needed

Margins and paragraphs are such friendly little things, yet some of you are shunning them. You know who you are. You put text on web pages that goes splat up to the edge of the browser screen. And much of the time you think that since it's all about the same general subject, you should keep it as all one paragraph.

My eyes and I would like to know why you're doing this to us. Yes, we're taking it personally. The eyes are tired of getting all stressed and abused by the whole gaggle of words strung together with no breathing room. They tell the rest of me about it, and I wind up with a headache. Not just from the eyes' complaints, but also from the frustration of really wanting to read the material posted.

Yesterday, for example, there was a site I found that had to do with something I'm interested in. But it was two columns with no appreciable space between them, and no appreciable space on their outside edges, either. And very lengthy paragraphs. So I just quit trying to read it after two sentences.

I realize some people may not know how to make text behave---some are new to the whole web scene, and are still learning the code. Let me suggest you go here for some very good basic instructions, including those for tables, which will help with the margin thing.

And if you don't know how to make a new paragraph appear, you can learn that in the above-noted tutorials, too.

While I'm thinking about paragraphs, David would like to remind you that new paragraphs are a good idea in e-mail, too.

I thank you, and my eyes thank you.

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