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May 1, 2001

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my freelance business, "Rebecca of Many Trades," who is observing her second birthday today.

Yes, I know most people would call it an anniversary. You're welcome to do that; but she's my baby. And she officially came into existence two years ago today. Instead of a birth certificate, she got a Certificate of Assumed Name (doesn't that sound smarmy? That's to allow me to do business as Rebecca of Many Trades). And she has a Employer Identification Number instead of a Social Security Number.

I believe she's going to have a good year. She has some good clients and customers, and she likes her website, because it brings new people to visit. And next week, she's going to be shown off at Idea Cafe (details when they're available).

The "terrible twos" stage of her existence, I believe, has passed. She wasn't a happy little business for a bit, and was thinking no one was going to come see her. But the visits have picked up, and she's starting to play more with her friends in the crafts business, which she really likes. And she's getting more chances to look things up for research clients, which she enjoys quite a bit. So she's being a good girl these days, and her mom is happy.

You're welcome to come visit her online home anytime.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca of Many Trades. And many more.

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