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April 27, 2001

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Friday Roundup

A while back, I wrote about the people I love most in the world being those who take a moment to encourage me. I've had occasion this week to be in touch with several of the people who fit that description. And in a tiring, crazy week in the middle of allergy season, those were lovely respites.

I made the mistake earlier this week of switching antihistamines, thinking the higher-strength one would help me. After a day's worth, I mended the error of my ways and went back to the first one. But there was a day in there when not only did my eyelid go completely crazy, but my head was so stuffy I was miserable. Since all that's on the mend now, it's safe to mention it. Earlier, it just made me cranky.

So did the particular kind of safety seal used on the higher-strength antihistamines. They were in blister packs, only they were the ones that absolutely had to be peeled from one corner. I couldn't jab through the foil backing. I did try opening one from the front with a pair of scissors. And promptly wound up with a pierced capsule with basically intact packaging. I used a few of my more colorful expletives at that turn of events.

We had some rain on Wednesday, which helped the pollen situation. But it was back in full force by late afternoon today when my friend Wendy dropped by. I got a face full of the stuff when I opened the door to let her in. No problem, though; it was time for more antihistamine anyway.

Oh---a check of my statistics for the week shows that my archive-page fan has returned, after being gone a month or so. That's the person who visits this site once a day, goes only to the same page you'd get if you click the archives link, and then leaves. I've come to the conclusion this person really likes lists of dates and titles!

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