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April 26, 2001

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There was a rant-in-progress for today's entry, but I have seen enough ranting elsewhere this week. So I decided to spare us all --- mainly myself --- another one.

I am going to say, though, that it had to do with what I think is an ongoing scam being perpetuated. It was interesting to me that in mid-February I wrote a piece about the same thing I was going to rant on today, and the thing miraculously went away. Only to come back uglier this week, with its (melo)drama cranked up another couple of notches.

I don't want to take credit for the earlier endpoint, because I don't think the scammer is a reader of mine. But the timing was interesting (within two days), which made me wonder if word had reached the person that the scam was coming undone; that its edges had frayed and the loose ends were flapping.

So if it's the case that the scammer is a reader, or the scammer's friends are reading and reporting, let's just say that it's time for an ending, dear scammer. And I don't care how you accomplish it; oblivion or another miracle. Either way, just cut the crap. I won't even ask you to confess.

If you want to write fiction, fine. Label it as such. Call it a docudrama if you'd like. Just don't keep trying to pass it off as truth, please.

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