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April 23, 2001

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Drawing Close

As the time of Mother's death drew closer, it was a blessing to me that I did not know more than that it was close. I have a good friend who occasionally receives premonitions of such. I asked her not to share the information with me if she got one regarding Mother. Not that my friend would have been insensitive, but she did not know how I felt. She could as easily have thought I would want to know...this isn't a topic that comes up in everyday conversation. I wanted to have all possible time with Mother, without a specific endpoint predicted.

I've told you before that during the week before the death, the cardinal came to bring me solace. Other things that brought solace during that time were the assurance that everything possible was being done to make Mother comfortable. She was on Morphine, and the nurses were keeping close watch for signs of discomfort.

Another act of lovingkindness toward me was a phone call from a several-times-removed cousin who happened to have moved to my part of the state. He had heard from another relative that the time was coming, and he wanted me to know that he was available. I have long known that my family was wonderful and stuck together in times of crisis, but for some reason that gesture on his part drove the point home perhaps more strongly than those of relatives I had known better.

Mother and I were both surrounded by caring, wonderful people. I could not have asked for better treatment for either of us.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It occurred to me that most of you have never seen a picture of my mother, and may be wondering what she looked like. I'm sharing a favorite one here. Her companion in the picture is her dog, Malcolm, who was an amazing soul in his own right, and was a joyous part of her life for all of his fourteen years.

Mother and Malcolm

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