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April 2, 2001

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Monday in Beckyland

Another day of multitasking. I worked on my latest project, answered e-mail, actually did a little housework, and watched the Duke-Arizona game.

Perhaps the funniest bit of the evening was a Duke student being interviewed. She had just finished watching the game, in what must have been a noisy environment. And every time the reporter asked her a question, she shouted the answer, as though he and the microphone were in the next county. The questions themselves weren't what elicited the shouting; I don't think she realized she was doing it.

It reminded me of a time my mother's hearing aid was being repaired and all comunication with her was done with raised voice. When it was just Mother and me alone in the house, that was fine. But a friend and I went shopping, and I had a hard time not shouting at her, too.

I'm more familiar with this computer now, but I did wind up making myself a cheat sheet. It's on a small segment of an address label, and it shows where the home, end, insert, and delete keys are. It has helped a whole lot! I like the action of the keyboard, especially after I tweaked the settings just a bit. Its default had me getting repeated letters all too often.

I'm still discovering the bells and whistles that were included, and exploring the software that came with the machine. And that's fun. All in all, making this purchase was the right thing to do.

So that was Monday in Beckyland. Hope your day went well.

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