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March 28, 2001

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Wednesday Bits

I participated in an online survey today that was just plain silly in the way it was worded. It didn't take much time, so I didn't mind doing it, but I was sorely tempted to ask which part of, "No," they couldn't get.

It was about purchasing a computer, and which extra features would make you more likely to purchase it. The first question was if you intended to purchase one in the next twelve months. (No.) It would seem to me that my participation in the survey after that point was of no value, since I subsequently answered every, "How likely are you to buy a new computer (with less features than the ones I have, by the way) if the purchase includes x-number months service with x-ISP?" by saying I was not at all likely.

Each one of those had a variant of whether or not having to change your e-mail address would make you more or less likely to buy. And since I wasn't likely to buy in the first place, the prospect of changing my e-mail address was definitely not going to make me change my mind!

But, gee, thanks for asking!

And those Flash people are really anxious to help me spiff up Rebeccaworks. I got nine messages from them yesterday. I was so impressed! Not with their messages, but with how fast I could delete them. I'm still learning how to filter mail that comes to that address. But I wish there were a standardized e- way of dealing with junk mail the way you can send your junk snail mail back to the sender at their expense.

I don't have an update on my friend Donna's mother yet; I'll share when I do.

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