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February 27, 2001

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Shades of Spring

I've been thinking about spring for the last several days, in part because I've been working with a pastel shade of yarn for a project. As I've been working, I've been sitting near another pastel shade, and I'm finding myself with a strange urge to go get a basket, some jellybeans, and plastic grass.

Yes, I know this is Shrove Tuesday, and Easter Baskets don't need to happen yet, since Easter is all the way at the other end of Lent.

But I also know that "Lent" is from an Anglo-Saxon word for spring. And it will be nice to see spring, although as winters go, this one hasn't been too bad.

When I wasn't working on the project today, I was dealing with the business end of my business. I needed a couple of office-supply things, so I went errand-running. Of course, while I was out, I saw any number of displays of Easter candy.

And that brings me back to where I started.

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