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February 25, 2001

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Silliness for Sunday

I'm not quite sure I want to know why on this one, but for some reason my entry about getting so many hits from the pantyhose entry is getting hits today. One came from somewhere in the southern United States, and another from Austria. Yes, I could go search it, but I think I'll pass.

I do believe I've disappointed a number of people, though, if they were looking something wonderfully erotic on the subject. Or even people looking for household hints for things to do with unwearable hose.

The next item is a little gross. If you're squeamish, skip the rest of this paragraph; you have been warned. It's that a lawsuit was recently filed, having to do with a tooth someone found in a biscuit at a restaurant---something you would not want to find in fast food. There was a link to a television story on the lawsuit when this entry was originally posted; the station's website underwent changes and that story is no longer in their archives.

Proof that some people will put anything on the Internet: I was following a link off another craft site today, and found what was supposed to be a crafts site. What it was was an eight-page list of webrings the site owner had joined. There was utterly no other content to the site.

For some reason that struck me as being the silliest thing I'd seen all weekend.

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