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February 24, 2001

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Factoids from Beckyland

Things that some of you may not know about me:

I smoke cigarettes and the occasional cigar. The cigarettes are menthol. The cigars are just for the heck of it.

I rarely drink alcohol. When I do, though, it's usually Scotch.

I hate onions, and really can't stand the smell of vinegar.

I absolutely despised high school. I was smart, fat, and a teacher's kid. I got picked on, a lot...I might as well have worn a target.

I didn't like college a whole lot better.

I think the most boring people on earth are intellectual snobs. Closely followed by social climbers, of course.

I like more music than I dislike, and those pieces I dislike are usually ones that evoke some negative memory, rather than anything to do with them musically. I often say my taste in music is eclectic. I'm not kidding!

I like it when things match, or are at least complementary.

I love high-heeled shoes, and wear them whenever I have an opportunity.

I have a friend who is in prison. He did a very stupid thing, and he is paying for it. I won't identify him any further, but I will tell you that I keep in touch. I do not give up on people (that should not surprise you).

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