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February 17, 2001

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I'm not much of a skeptic. Probably I'm not enough of one for my own good. But when something does trip my internal alarm system, it's not easy for me to come back to a state of believing, at least not without solid evidence that my skepticism is unfounded.

I'm not talking theology here, but belief in what someone has told me. Once I think someone is trying to pass off falsehoods as the truth in situations where truth matters immensely, I am very likely to quit believing much of anything that person says.

Such has happened recently. I have caught some inaccuracies (being kind here) in a person's recounting of events. The inaccuracies are large enough that I am led to believe almost everything the person has said is fiction being presented as truth. And that makes me very angry.

This is a situation where everyone who hears the tale is asked to pray, or send money, or do whatever on behalf of the person. And I, for one, don't want to ask God to intervene in a situation where I don't believe the situation exists.

What I am willing to do is ask God to be with the person perpetuating the tale, and to help that person provide honesty.

And I'm also praying that all who may be being duped in this case will not wind up being unwilling to help the next honest person who needs some assistance.

I'll put up with small falsehoods----you want to claim to be several years younger than your actual age, fine. And in some cases, I'll perpetuate small ones---like telling advertisers that I was born in 1900 (I'm younger than that). But if I want your help, and especially your prayers or money, I am not going to lie about my circumstances.

If I did lie about need, you would have every right to think I was crazy or repulsive.

And you would be correct.

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