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February 12, 2001

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I'm tired tonight. But I'm not as tired as I could have been. I thought, early this morning, I was going to have to go into one of those tear-the-place-apart housecleaning frenzies, because I couldn't find my favorite hairclip.

It's not a fancy clip, but is the one I use every day. I've had it for years, and don't want to be without it. Sometimes with hair as long as mine, nothing but good, sturdy hairclip will do to prevent sure disaster. And this is a good, sturdy hairclip.

And last night, I couldn't find it. I looked where it belonged, I looked several other "obvious" places, and I looked in a couple of places where I might have just put it down for a second. Nowhere in sight.

I resigned myself to having to do the sort-through of everything. I knew better than to start into it last night, though.

You can imagine I was very pleased to find it this morning when I got up. It was in my bed, between the blanket and the sheet.

And now, I know exactly where it is---it's holding back my hair while I type.

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