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February 8, 2001

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Yes, things are a bit different here. I'm still working on changes to the archives pages, so they'll look pretty much the same, at least for a bit. But after messing around with shades of blue a lot of the night, I finally got things looking a little different.

It was a good time to make the changes, since I was still pretty much in "revamp" mode from the recent work on the Rebeccaworks site. You will notice that there are obvious changes to the left column of this page---including an "about" link that will take you to the introductory entry from June 2000.

I did that one to allow me to lose the link through the (now gone) image at the bottom of each entry that led you to the member profile area of Diaryland.

Another thing that has changed this week is the main Diaryland site. There is an updated member profile section that I have opted out of, since it asked for basically the same information you'd find if you checked my aforementioned introductory entry and my Personal Sites links page.

One of the things I like most about Diaryland is the freedom to make these changes, and the seamless way they are integrated into the sites. I resist change until I feel some definite need to change, but when I do make changes, I like to do them with as little disruption as possible. The way Diaryland is set up, that is easy.

Hope you enjoy the new look!

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