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February 6, 2001

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Looking Stuff Up

It's just as well I had a day off from client work. This has turned into Becky Does Research day---for my own interests. Right after I woke up I got involved in looking up something about church and state that eventually led to my sending this link to a discussion group. It's an interview, published Saturday in The Charlotte Observer, with Alan Dershowitz. Nothing quite like waking up to heavy-duty philosophy, by the way.

I went out to run errands---after looking up something for a member of the crafters' group. When I got home, there was business stuff to be looked up---I'm setting up some more affiliate things for the Rebeccaworks links page, and you not only have to find the things you want to have as affiliates, you have to read all their terms of service to make sure you do right by them.

Next up was looking up some banking information, only to find out that the bank in question uses some very insecure stuff on their site. To the extent that the security settings I have in place on my computer prevented me from accessing any useful information. This did not inspire tons of confidence. I'm glad they're not my bank.

Then I had a phone conversation with a friend. I didn't look anything up during that, but I did get from her the names of two reference books.

Keeping the streak alive, and bringing it back to where it began, I'm going to look up another church and state tidbit after I finish this entry.

Then I'm going to go read a few journals. I don't have to look them up---already have!

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