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February 4, 2001

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The crafters group I'm part of got a really good idea a while back---I can take no credit for the idea, except for agreeing with it. Those of us with websites submitted information for a page of text links. That page will be shared by all the participants, and is going live this weekend. One of the group members offered to do the page, and she's done a great job. It's letting us get to know each other's sites easily, and we can direct our own site visitors to sites specializing in a wide variety of handmade items.

This has made me stop procrastinating and get my act together in terms of new stuff for my site---the long-promised crochet pictures, for one thing, and some refurbishing. And it'sdone! I finished putting the last pages up about an hour ago. And you will find the crafters links page there, of course.

And I invite you to come see the revamped Rebeccaworks.

My thanks to David for the really nice logos, as well as some hints. You do know he does website design, right?

Hope you enjoy your visit! I'd appreciate it if you'd tell everyone you know.

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