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February 10, 2001

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Home Office? Well...

Earlier this evening a friend mentioned the home office deduction on income taxes. I would make some attempt to take it, but I don't really want some poor IRS agent to have to explain the outburst of laughter when reviewing my return.

See, I don't have one dedicated part of my apartment to use as an office. There is a desk (well, actually a table), but as often as not I'm curled up somewhere with my laptop computer in my lap. And if I'm doing some other work, like crocheting or making ornaments, I'm not using the desk area, either.

And I tend to use the desk for other things besides business. For instance, it's often the storage spot for clean laundry en route back to dresser drawers. Oh, I do keep the printer on the desk, and a lot of business paperwork is there. But there are lots of other things there, too.

So all things being considered, I suspect I'd better just skip that deduction.

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