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January 3, 2001

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Not Much

Today has been a day of phone tag. I did successfully put off the young man with the word processor files till next week, and pointed out he should call during business hours. I was waiting for a call from someone else, so I didn't get into the specifics of price for this, but I did question whether he had tried another diskette in the drive---he has tried several, and I'm pretty satisfied that the drive is shot.

I broached the money issue by saying that I didn't want to waste his time or his money trying to work with a corrupt diskette. So at least he knows I expect him to bring money.

The other person with whom I played tag was an insurance agent in my hometown. I had a question about the value of a life insurance policy my parents bought when I was a baby. I'm still waiting to hear back from him---he had to get in touch with the home office because the policy is one no longer being the information I specifically need isn't in the computer system.

But along the way we discovered his daddy sold the policy to my daddy. Remember, this is a small town, so that sort of thing isn't all that unusual. But it hasn't happened to me in a while.

As the title said, not much to talk about tonight. Hope you've had a good day.

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