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October 27, 2000

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Friday Mini-rant

A new high in junk e-mail---from a joke-sending person today came fourteen jokes, none worth reading. Thirteen of them were several-times forwarded. The fourteenth was unusual in that it had been copied/pasted into a blank e-mail form---but it was filled with forwarding marks.

Let me give you a clue to Becky here. I really don't care for man-bashing jokes, and I've heard just about all the variations on blond jokes. I find jokes about getting old to be particularly loathsome, especially the ones about drooping breasts or wilted penises. Got it?

Since this person tends to send jokes I'll hate, and the subject line usually indicates the type it is, I have taken to not even bothering to read them. If a subject line doesn't tell me enough, I read a bit of the text, to make sure. Then I hit delete.

I am not without a sense of humor, I promise. But I'm tired of lame jokes.

And I'm tired of having my time wasted having to deal with them.

If I want to waste time, I have better methods of doing it than cleaning out e-mail files.

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