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October 18, 2000

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Nice Day

There are times when the phone is my instrument of choice, rather than instant messages. Tonight was one of them. I had been having an IM session with my friend, Donna, then decided I wanted to hear her voice. So I told her I was signing off and her phone would ring shortly.

Most of the time, IM does just fine. But as you know, I live alone and work from home. So there are days when I just flat crave the sound of a voice that I know. The voice of someone who cares about me. And sometimes I want to hear my voice answering that other person, rather than my fingers on the keyboard.

As usual, it was good to talk with her.

And I wanted to be able to move around in my apartment, not be tied strictly to the computer, so I didn't suggest that we use a voice chat program this time---though I'm glad to have access to that.

Other parts of this day for me have been taken up by the usual things. I needed to run errands, and I am working on the next segment of the research for a client. The good news is that so far nothing in this segment has crashed my browser. Oh, and the errand-running went smoothly, thanks!

Hope your day was pleasant, too. Come tell us about it.

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