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October 15, 2000

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This was a quiet day, one in which I had planned to get several things done. They didn't all happen. Some of it was procrastination on my part, but some was out of my hands completely. For your amusement, a recollection of what did happen:

---The website from which I wanted just a tiny bit of information kept crashing just as I'd get to the page on the site WITH that tiny bit. After the fourth time, I decided to go do something else.

---Finally remembered to go put the renewal sticker on my car license plate. I had had the sticker, but for some reason it took me till today to get up the urge to go all the way to the back of the car with it. I did have a large note to myself about it, on the note board. Today was the deadline for having the old sticker displayed, and I beat it by at least seven hours!

---Managed to calmly answer two pieces of e-mail that pissed me off. Neither came from people who read this journal, by the way. Which in both cases also annoys me, because they both have a tendency to ask questions that have already been answered herein, and both have the URL.

---Avoided the dishes the phantom left in my kitchen.

---Thought about a technical question someone asked a group of us the other day; meant to write her to ask if she had the answer yet, but procrastinated. I sorta know the answer, but if she has a better source, she should go with it!

---Decided the best thing I could do for myself was go to bed early.

---This led to deciding an entry could wait till I woke up.

---Which I did, about an hour ago!

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