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October 6, 2000

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Brief Update

You may recall that I commented a while back about figuring out how to deal questions I consider to be personal or awkward. I'm happy to report I have managed to live up to what I said about it, in terms of failing to answer the nosy questions while commenting on other things the questioner wrote.

Actually, I'm a little weird about who's allowed to ask me what. People I consider friends can get away with asking the very same questions that acquaintances can't. Friends will get answers, but acquaintances won't. It was, of course, an acquaintance who sparked the whole thing mentioned above.

No, that's not a suggestion to start peppering me with personal questions to see whether I consider you friend or acquaintance! Besides---you might be surprised at what I consider personal.

And it's long been true of me that if you fire questions at me you're less likely to find out what you want to know than if you ask one question and let me completely answer it.

There's your Becky-trivia for the day!

How do you deal with personal or awkward questions?

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