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October 1, 2000

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One Hundred

If you were here now, I'd make coffee and we'd have a party. That title means this is the one hundredth entry in this little endeavor. And that's an occasion to celebrate, I think.

I took the plunge into this after thinking about it for a while, and it has been the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. It has provided a discipline my life needed, and a setting for me to say what is on my mind.

Oh---and it's also a lot of fun, truth be told.

It's always interesting to have a time point from which to measure changes in life. The changes in my life in the last three months have been mainly in terms of learning things, and meeting people. In both of those, this site has played a role.

Sure there have been days when it was harder to write than other days, but it was important to me to put up something, even if it was brief. It was important to say hello to the world.

And it pleases me a great deal that people read what I've written. Regardless of how often you come here, I appreciate that you have come. And I appreciate hearing from those who have written to me.

My thanks go out particularly to those who have sent other readers to me, either by linking to this site or by telling friends. That you have done so honors me.

The relatively new forum has had some wonderful response. I have enjoyed reading the postings to it. I like it when others share their thoughts.

That's what this site and the forum are for me---places to share thoughts. I hope to continue doing just that for a long time.

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