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August 30, 2000

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Last night someone called me to ask a fairly complicated question about a business idea. I cannot for the life of me figure out why she thought I'd know. I don't, after all, have the sort of business expertise needed to answer her question, which had to do with retail/wholesale purchases. What was really funny was that she later decided I must have been asleep when she called. No, I wasn't. I just didn't know what she wanted me to be able to tell her.

Apparently I'm allowed to be ignorant in my sleep!

I have been designated the family geek by several of my cousins. My qualifications for this include having had a computer and Internet access longer than they have. I don't usually mind helping out, but there are times when I'm caught up in something else and really don't have an answer handy. Those are the moments when I'm likely to respond to a question by sending them to the ISP help section. And every time I do that, I'm reminded of being told to look it up back in school.

Speaking of: back when I was in high school, one of my mother's students frequently needed to ask a question or two about the homework assignment. Mother didn't mind answering the questions, but we both wished the girl would call sometime other than when we were trying to have supper.

Oh--here's a piece of advice: if you're the parent of a student in a very small class, and your child has just failed an unannounced test, think before you call the teacher. One of Mother's students made the low grade on a test that her mother thought was unfairly given. So the parent called my mother, but decided not to identify herself. She did, however, announce her daughter's grade. Since there were only about ten students in the class, and this student was the only one with that grade, it was pretty easy to figure out.

And another piece of advice: if you're going to be in the Boston area next month, and are looking for something interesting to do, check out the production of Statics and Dynamics being done in Cambridge. Patrick's the playwright, director, and producer of this set of one-act plays. I wish I could be there.

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