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August 26,2000

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Just A Little Paranoid

I think egroups has it in for me. I think they're trying to drive me insane. That's the group that does so many journal notify lists. It also hosts other kinds of interest lists.

I don't subscribe to that many, but all of the discussion lists I'm on have sequential messages, meant to be read in proper order since they're answers to the topic someone (moderator or list member) started, and frequently are also answers to subsequent posts on the thread.

But in the last few days, notices have been coming to me all sorts of out of whack. At least twice, the threads have been missing links, which was obvious since the writer of the post quoted a prior post that I hadn't seen. And those unseen posts never did get to me.

Thursday was when I really started to wonder if this was some plan of egroups' directed at me. A list's moderator wanted to get a discussion going, and had asked a question about the use of instant messages, to which I had an answer. I took the time to write my reply, including a very brief anecdote about something I had recently realized (well-written, if I do say so myself!). I cicked on send, and waited for the message to get sent back to me from egroups.

Still waiting. Several hours later, I did check the group's message archives, to see if it had even reached egroups. It was there, but I don't know if anyone else got it, either.

I feel sure the group moderator didn't kill my post---it wouldn't have been in the archives if that had been the case, and besides, there wasn't any reason to kill it---I was agreeing with the moderator's point!

I don't plan to start a notify list for this site, but if I ever do, I believe I'll go another route. I'm a fraid of what egroups might do to my messages! And at this point, I am taking it personally!

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