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August 24, 2000

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A Piano Piece

I love to play the piano. I've been doing it since I was very young, and take a lot of pleasure from it. I've had piano-playing horror stories, though.

One was when I was a Junior in high school and was asked to be one of the pianists for graduation. I was pleased to be asked. The gig was to accompany the Senior Choir, a recently-recruited group. They wanted to sing "The Quest" --- which many people think of as "The Impossible Dream."

I had one rehearsal with them, which went just fine. One of the Seniors was leading the group, and his was by far the strongest voice.

Graduation night arrived. The Senior Choir members came forward to sing. All was well for the first part of the piece. But if you recall the song, there's that wonderful passage where the key seems to change. Well, it doesn't!

Making matters more complicated, the song pauses at that point. When the singers began again, they were in the other key!

The singer with the strongest voice had started off in the new key, and everyone just went on with him.

Me? One note after the pause and I realized the right thing for me to do was stop playing. I just pasted a smile on my face, and pretended this was a planned a capella finish.

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