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August 20, 2000

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My Best Friend

Thanks to my friend, Donna, I now know what brand of balloons I need, and where to go buy them. She sent e-mail last night shortly after the entry got posted. I'll let you know how the project turns out.

I'm not surprised Donna knew the answer. She's done a lot of work in an elementary school in the past few years, more volunteer than paid. As she said, she's blown up a lot of little balloons for the school's spring festivities!

Donna has been my best friend for so long I don't remember not knowing her. We grew up in the same hometown, and were in the same grade in school. Even after we started our post-high school lives, we kept in close touch. And I'm very glad we did.

We've been through a lot together over the years. I don't know how I would have gotten through the various phases of Mother's illness and death if Donna hadn't been around to lend an ear and a lot of loving support. She's also been willing to share motherly advice when I've asked for it in the last few years. And she's always willing to listen when I need to talk.

My mother loved Donna, too. Theirs was a great friendship, one where age differences didn't particularly matter. I know my mother had a lot of respect and admiration for Donna, and trusted her as much as she trusted me. In case you wonder, no jealousy from me about this. No reason for any.

Donna has a really great husband, Ronnie. He and Donna support each other in what each wants to accomplish in life. And they are the parents of Candace, who is quite simply the most wonderful child around. I'm honorarily her Aunt Becky, which is my privilege.

Everyone should be lucky enough to have a best friend like Donna. I'm well aware of how blessed I am that she's part of my life.


The latest issue of Did you Bring Bottles? is up. David's done a lot of work on the site, and there's a lot of new, interesting stuff in this issue. Go see!

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