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Long Day

This has been a long day, with a lot of uncertainty.

It began with some troubling news from a cousin, regarding her mother's health (which isn't good). But my aunt has been known to rally, so none of us are sure what to make of this latest news. Quite selfishly, I hope she improves and lives on a while. She's the last aunt I have, and I will miss her. But if it's her time, I'm as ready as possible.

She's been an inspiration to me, in terms of being stubborn and not giving up. I'm not just referring to her health situation, which includes diabetes and heart problems, but in terms of life in general.

Many of my happy memories of childhood took place at the home of this particular aunt and uncle. He was my dad's brother, and they had been very close. My uncle and aunt had three daughters. I am several years younger than the youngest, and I had a lot of fun times playing dress-up with clothes and costume jewelry the three passed down to me. My aunt was always there, making sure we were safe and loved.

When I graduated from high school, she gave me a wonderful present---my first bottle of Youth Dew. She didn't know exactly how much I loved the stuff, which I had developed a fondness for years earlier. She just thought it was time I had some---I was old enough. A couple of years ago, I returned the favor, and reminded her of the story. I'm glad I had that chance.

I haven't seen her since my last trip back home. On that visit, when I told her how glad I was that she was doing well, she replied by thanking me, and saying she hoped to live long enough to have me be her neighbor in the retirement center she's living in. She didn't say as much, but I suspect some of the old people there are boring to her---she's another one who doesn't know how to be a little old lady, no matter her age. She's now in her late seventies.

My thoughts and prayers tonight are with her and her daughters and all who love her. We'd appreciate yours, too.

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