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Human Nature

I have a lot of faith in human nature. One of the most enduring lessons I ever learned was that there is good and bad in all people. I go with the presumption of good.

Until you show me you can't be trusted to be honest, I will go with the notion that you're telling me the truth. I get very annoyed when someone expects me to agree with their perspective that no strangers are honest. Hey--sometimes I'm that strange person, asking to be believed. Thankfully, I usually am.

Does this mean sometimes (all right, often) I'm gullible? Sure does. But I'd rather be that way than so hard-hearted I can't find any sympathy.

I can be sarcastic and bitchy, but I don't do cynical very well. And I don't always appreciate it from other people.

The moral of this: look for some good. It is there.

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Happy Birthday, David!

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