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E-mail 101

Consider the following to be a public service announcement.

I'm going to do a teaching session here, because I've spent way too much e-mail reading time this week dealing with stuff that had been forwarded too many times.

I think it's rude to clutter up someone's inbox with forwarding information. I don't really want to know who sent it to whoever sent it to whoever sent it to me.

I particularly hate it when the forwarded information isn't worth reading in the first place, but that's another rant.

If you're too busy to follow the instructions when an e-mailed joke arrives on your screen, trust me, it will wait till you have the time.

Please adapt the instructions to your e-mail system.

First, highlight the portion of the text you want to share
with your recipient(s).

Then copy it into a new, blank e-mail form.
Put a title for it in the subject line.
Then address it to whomever you please.
Finally, send it.

See? It's REALLY easy!

And it's worth the time.

Your mail recipients will quit muttering under their breath when they see your name as sender.

Your joke will actually have a chance of getting a laugh.

Instead of being deleted.

Text copyright 2000 Becky