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Coffee Redux

The following two paragraphs were supposed to be in yesterday's entry, about coffee and how much I like it. They fit right in with the theme, but for reasons known only to the great gods of the 404, the links weren't working. So I pulled the paragraphs, deciding it might be better to wait until the 404 gods had had some coffee. I think the links will work today, but just in case, I'm going to give you the URLs at the bottom of this page. Whichever way you get there, please go say hello.

I'm sending you to Oregon, to meet someone I'd love to have coffee with. Why? Well she's the Coffee Bean Goddess, that's why! Dee is a marvelous writer, with a wonderful grip on the language. And her August 1 piece about her friend Stargazer is one of the most beautiful comments on a friendship continuing after death that I've ever seen.

Dee's archives are a wonderful place to immerse yourself. She tells of her days and has some great pictures to go along with the tales. Oh---for those of you who happen to be as fond of dogs as I am, this is the place. Occasionally, Dee's roommate, Midge, a Lab/Rottweiler mix, throws in a comment. She even wrote a guest entry earlier in the year. Midge is a smart dog; if she thinks Dee is a good person to know, I'll take her word for it!

When things like links messing up happen, after you've checked all you know how to fix (and in this particular case, I asked for help, and someone with a lot more knowledge couldn't find the problem, either), there's nothing to do but conclude that waiting a bit and starting again just might be the best course. You might find some logical explanation, or it might be that the problem is outside your control, in which case someone else is somewhere using the appropriate cursewords to address it. You can always take the waiting time to come up with Plan B.

I've worked with computers for a lot of years. The best piece of computer wisdom I've ever heard was that all computers are like two-year-olds. When you want them to do something, you have to tell them exactly what you mean, and not leave any wiggle room. Of course, the Web ties a lot of these two-year-olds together, and they all have to hear the same instruction, issued in the same tone of voice, to behave.

You'd thing that this many years after their invention, they would have grown up some!

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URLs to Dee's index page and the guest entry:

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