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I'm an unrepentant packrat. I try to be neat about it, but I've managed to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. I was reminded of that this afternoon when I was trying to take a picture of something and had to do some hard thinking about which room had the least stuff that would have to moved out of the way to give me space to spread out the object of the photograph.

And, of course, it took twice the time to put the stuff back that it had taken to move it in the first place.


I also have a lazy streak, of the kind a friend calls "good lazy." I'm willing to work hard to get something done right, but I hate doing things twice if once will do. That's one reason I'm glad to have word processing, and why I'm the queen of backing things up.

And that means keeping copies of things till I'm sure I don't need them again, which leads into the item above....


And occasionally I jump on a bandwagon. I jumped on a one this afternoon, and set up a "Becky Says" store. I've seen the idea several places, including a mailing list I'm on. Several members were doing it this weekend, and it sounded like fun. I'm not including everyone else's stores here becaue I don't have the complete list of owners yet.

Items for sale include t-shirts, two sizes of coffee mugs, and mouse pads. While telling you these things exist for sale may seem like I'm going back on my not-asking-for-donations notion, it isn't at all. First, you do get a tangible product if you buy. Second, unless you send me e-mail telling me you've bought something, I won't know. I will be told that a certain amount has been sold, but you're actually giving the buying information to Cafe Press, not me.

And you must admit, it would be an interesting conversation piece. Something with "Becky Says..." on it is probably going to get you a question!

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