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Pleasant Friday

Something very pleasant happened today. I had a chance to talk with a friend for a few minutes. We've known each other for a long time, and have shared quite a few experiences, but we don't get to talk very often.

Today's conversation was pretty much in the shorthand that two people who know each other often develop. I doubt anyone hearing it could have made much sense out of it. But we knew what we were talking about. And what we were laughing about. And that felt good to me.

We keep in touch fairly often these days, mainly by e-mail. Back in the days before the Internet, we didn't get to see each other all that often, but always seemed to be able to pick up where we left off. That was nice. It was comfortable.

And our e-mails are like that now. We just sort of pick up where we left off, knowing that each other is looking forward to the update.

I like being able to be that comfortable with friends. I like having friends know my shorthand, and me know theirs.

I'll tell you more about my friend another time, and about some of our shared experiences. Tonight, I'll say I'm glad she's my friend.

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