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A Month Now

So a month ago today I woke up and started an online journal. Oh, all right, it was a little more involved than that...actually, I had coffee and read a journal first. One that was at diaryland, as it happens.

And something clicked with me. I knew I had thoughts I'd like to share. I knew a lot of other people were comfortably sharing thoughts online. And I liked that I could come to diaryland and write to my heart's content. So I signed up, picked a template, and started writing. The urge to do so had been growing in me for a while. I'm glad I decided to go with the urge. Doing this writing is a good discipline for me. And damn it can be a lot of fun!

That you are there to read it pleases me more than you know. I have heard from people from all sorts of places, some of whom I knew before this started, and others who were strangers. I've received lots of encouragement, along with comfort and solace when I needed it. And I have appreciated the mail.

Knowing people are reading makes me feel watched over. And that's a lovely, safe feeling for me. It doesn't happen that much in my offline life. I'm sure that wanting to be watched over played a role in my wanting to have a personal site. I hadn't thought too hard about that, though, until Patrick brought it up in his July 7 entry. (See note below for URL.)

Patrick's writing is among the best I've encountered, on the web or otherwise. Some of his entries are so profound (the one I mentioned, for example) they move me to tears. And some are so uproariously funny I'm afraid I'll bother the neighbors with late-night laughter. He's written pieces that have helped me understand things in ways I had not before. He makes me think.

Sometimes he graces his readers with a short play, a movie review, or a short story. Whatever he chooses to write, the talent is obvious. So is the fact that he really enjoys writing. Go read his journal. You'll see what I mean.


I'm sorry, folks, I don't know why the two links (now removed) weren't working. To go where I was trying to send you, it's
Please put that into your browser. You can find his July 7 entry in his "this month" section.

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