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I hadn't expected to mention "Survivor," and had news of Kelly Wiglesworth's being wanted in Greensboro not been broadcast, I wouldn't have. But I'm sure I can't be the only person who wonders if perhaps CBS miscast her---sounds like she should have been in "Big Brother."


The columnist Sidney Harris would occasionally write about things he learned while looking for other information. That happened to me today: I learned that if I want to start a porn website, I don't even have to look outside North Carolina to have it hosted. Hmmm...I had planned to do a site highlighting my crochet work. But the possibilities are intriguing, even down to the notion of cross-promotion. For instance, I don't ordinarily crochet garments, but I could whip up a few, um, string bikinis.


Second part of the above: the company that hosts porn sites also hosts non-porn, but under a different name and address. How do I know? Same contact person and phone number. FYI: porn costs more.


My friend David has started a message board at Planet SOMA. He also has another message board set up here, for those with knowledge of or interest in grocery stores and their history. Last time I checked, it had a lot of information about west coast stores, primarily in California, and it needs some input from the rest of the country. So go say hey.

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