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Change of Plans

Sometimes plans change in mid-upload. I had an entry written and ready to upload for today, but when I was reading through Rishara's entry for yesterday, I realized my planned entry could wait, because introducing you to her is more important.

Rishara has just recently started an online journal. She lives in the mountains of North Carolina, and will start college in the fall.

Once I read her first few entries, I wrote to ask if I might have the privilege of linking to her. I told her that I wanted to do an entry pointing to her as an example of my lifelong thought that people of ALL ages have something valid to say. I'm happy to say that she answered in the affirmative.

I found it offensive to have people undervalue my thoughts and comments solely because of my age when I was a teenager, and I find it offensive when I hear other people dismissing someone younger merely on the basis of age now. (I take equal offense at dismissive behavior toward elders, but that's another day's topic.)

Rishara's entry for July 17 addresses her feelings on the subject clearly. So I direct your attention to her site, and to this entry in particular. I believe you will come away with a great deal of respect for her and for her talent. I certainly hold her in high esteem, and consider it my honor to share space on the Web with her.

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