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There seems to be an astonishing lack of manners or common sense this week. Apparently some people haven't been grocery shopping in such a long time that they've forgotten some of the etiquette involved. I've made a few notes.....

Note to man following me to the shopping baskets in the grocery store: the open area at the front of the store is a really big space. There is no rule that requires walking in single-file, and passing on the right is permitted. Following too closely is perceived as rude or clumsy, depending.

Note to threesome laughing at private joke: while I appreciate your attempt to get out of the main aisle, your forming a body barricade at the aisle's entrance sorta didn't help!

Note to stock clerks: if we didn't buy the stuff, you wouldn't have a job. Please don't be so pissy if someone happens to need to shop on the same aisle you're working on.

Note to two women having conversation just outside the store: it was ill-mannered of you to block the doorway to people coming or going. You really could have moved your chattering and your shopping carts a few feet away. But it was unspeakably rude that you glared at the woman who was trying to leave the store.

Note to people who leave carts "loose" in the parking lot: if you're able to walk out to your cars pushing the cart, and unload the groceries, you're probably able to park the cart where it belongs. If not, please ask someone for assistance.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It isn't just people in grocery stores who have exhibited poor manners this week. Some people in Myrtle Beach, S.C., are lacking social graces, too. Jackie's husband and another businessman have been there recently, and have been meeting with people who were lacking in social graces. Jackie was kind to thank me for my comments. Go say hello to her, and wish her luck in her upcoming new job.

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