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I'm tired today. The following awards are hereby presented to annoyances I'm really tired OF:

Most annoying repetitive message in e-mail: the one that begins, "This mail is never sent unsolicited...." My problem with it isn't the fact that it's announcing the arrival of borderline spam, but that the message about it not being pure spam takes up the whole screen, so I have to scroll down to see what the sender wants me to understand isn't unsolicited.

Most annoying thing happening in my part of the e-world: a couple of discussion groups, run through the same service, are getting mail sent out of synch, so the beginning of a thread shows up several hours/days after the responses have been given. Questions-after-answers was a funny routine for Johnny Carson, and works well on "Jeopardy." But not here.

Most annoying sound: the fanfare my local tv station uses EVERY time the meteorologist announces the checking of the Doppler Radar System. This is especially annoying if the cues are a shade off, and the fanfare and meteorologist are sounding at the same time. No, this has nothing to do with severe weather warnings, it also happens when there's no rain in the coverage area, to show the lack of rain.

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