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A Good Place to Go

HTML is an interesting thing to be learning. I'm learning it for my own future web page use, and to help me be a better proofreader of websites. I have found it to be a very logical thing---every bit of code you type in causes a very specific thing to happen---which has made it easier for me to work with. You can look at the code and see pretty quickly what's wrong if the page you're working on looks bizarre when viewed in your browser!

I'm doing the coding for these entries as a means of practice, by the way.

Most of what I know of HTML is from a tutorial intended for beginners that's offered by one of the better writers online today. Saundra is a professional writer, who keeps a daily journal. Read her July 5 entry for her views on sharing her days. And read her biography, too, to learn more about her.

She has been most kind in offering the HTML tutorial and other goodies in her Extras section.

All these things may be found by following the links from her main page, by the way.

Take some time to explore Saundra's Headspace. It's worth every minute you'll spend there, and is indeed a good place to go.

* * * * * * * * * * *

My thanks to those who have been in touch regarding my friend Debbie. I sent a note this afternoon, noting the concern expressed. I will share information I receive.

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