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July 2, 2000

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Brunch with TeKay

A new friend came into my life courtesy of online journals a couple of weeks ago. TeKay (yes, spelling counts) has had a journal for several years now, though for a bit he's been doing e-mail-only entries (as in, join his notify list and you get to read them). But check his site for the archived things there.

We've been chatting by instant messages pretty much daily, and since we could both take a Sunday afternoon for ourselves, we made plans to get together for brunch this afternoon, at my favorite restaurant, Breadmen's in Chapel Hill (sorry, no website).

I can tell you that he has a lovely speaking voice. I know he's a singer, but I haven't had the pleasure of hearing him sing. Somehow forcing a performance in the parking lot seemed a tad much!

We didn't seem to let the fact we've never met before get in the way of conversation! Lots of it was about the journals we read. We went on to talk about the fact that we're both quite fond of North Carolina (both natives) and will always call it "home." We also talked about the the dreams and aspirations we have for our futures. I'd say he's well on the road to making his come true.

I took my camera...

TeKay and Becky

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