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April 2009

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Thursday - April 23

Today was errands and personal business. I swear there is something magical about downtown Chapel Hill. Often when I spend time there, I come home happier than when I left. Today that was the case.

In news, I keep playing phone tag with a friend who lives a couple of counties away from me. Earlier this month he called. Unfortunately, for some cell company-related reason that I don't yet know, the voice mail from his call took over a week to reach me.

I called back the day I got it, then he called when I was away from the phone and left word that he'd call later.

Later turned out to be yesterday, and as luck would have it, he called when I was napping. I didn't have time to try today, but I'm sure we'll talk one of these days.

But take this as proof that I'm really not kidding when I tell people the easiest way to reach me is e-mail!

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