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April 2009

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Jokes - April 2

I didn't pay too much attention to the various April Fool's jokes this year, but I did get caught by one. The LiveJournal staff people posted a fake news item announcing changes planned that would have made the place seem to be Facebook on steroids.

As I read through it I was composing an impassioned comment in my mind. Then I read the first couple of comments, which led me to reread the piece and realize it was a joke.

Part of my missing the joke on first read was they had posted it several hours early for my timezone, and I wasn't expecting a joke on March 31. And part was it was written in their usual news-item style.

And of course, the third part is that I can miss jokes any old time!

At least I didn't believe that The Guardian was serious about a format change...and for the record, that one is my favorite joke this year.

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